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Bandit Feats of Strength! – Level: Beginner

The Bandits need your help!!

Sometimes the Bandits like to let off a little steam and relax from a long day by competing in challenges with one another; but they cant decide on what attribute to use as criteria for the challenge!

Maurice Mouse said; “It needs to be Speed!”

“Not speed but Strength!” Growled Cubby Tuba.

Why use Strength when you can be Sneaky!” Exclaimed Furnanda Fox.

“Sneaking is for the quiet I suggest we use Size.” calmly stated Monty Moose…

This continued again and again until you arrived!

 Are you willing help the bandits complete some challenges against one another?

Here is the way!

1.Begin by placing your bandit cards into a deck:

2.Then The deck is divided evenly among players, giving each a face down stack. (The given stack is your “Team”)

3.The individual to the opposite of the dealer then picks 1 of the 4 Bandit attributes. (Size, Strength, Speed, or Stealth.)

4. In unison, each player reveals the top card of their deck – (This is the “Challenge”). The player with the higher card in the selected attribute category wins the challenge and takes all of the cards played and moves them to their stack.*

5. The Challenges are continued in this fashion(with the next person to the right selecting the attribute for each challenge) Until one player possesses the entire card deck.

The Last Bandit Standing Wins.

*In the Event of a stalemate*

A “Stalemate” occurs if the Bandit cards played by the players are of equal value.
A stalemate is over come when in unison, each player reveals the next card in their deck -These are “Re-Enforcement Cards” –
The player with the higher card in the selected attribute category wins the challenge and takes all of the cards played and moves them to their stack.

Bandits Laws of Nature – Level: Intermediate

Step 1: Both Players will agree on a number of rounds to be played (best of 3,5, or 7)

Step 2: Both players will agree on number of cards to be played (3,5 or 7).

Step 3: Both Players then select their desired card set from their own deck. This will represent their Nature’s Bandits team.

Step 4: Holding the cards fanned out poker style, in unison, both players each play one card of their choice and place it between them.

Step 5: Each Player will then add numbers listed on the card; while observing the rules or benefits associated with drawing a “Law of nature card”.

The player with the larger total WINS 1 Battle Point for the round.

Step 6: To start a new round each player takes their played card and places it in their own discard pile.

Step 7:  Repeat steps 4-6 until one player wins the majority of the rounds.

Tie Breaker:

1.In the event of a tie, both players will take their discard pile and spread it out across from their opponents (face down).

2.Each player then chooses one card from the opponents side to fight against and flips it.

Winner of the flip Wins the Hand and the Round “Battle Point”.

3. If the tie happens before the creation of the discard pile both players will return the cards to their hand and redraw a new card.

“Law of Nature Cards”

Playing Smaller Bandit Cards:

As is true in nature, the larger you are the louder your foot falls.
Cards drawn whose Size attribute is 4 points larger than their opponents may no longer count the Speed and Stealth attributes of their card.

Playing the Olivia Owl Card:
Fly Away Move:

Bonus –  Enables a player to at the last second, switch the Olivia card for another in their hand and play her later.
Negative – When Olivia Owl is drawn again she may no longer count the Stealth attribute.

Playing the Holly Hedgehog Card:
Roll Away Move:

Bonus: Holly may retreat from a situation to be played again, Gaining 4 strength points in waiting.
Negative: Holly Loses 2 Size Points when rolling into a ball and cannot gain them back until after the battle point has been decided for the round.

Playing the Ricky Raccoon Card:
Leaders Call to Action:

Bonus: The weakest member of your remaining hand may join the fight with Ricky Raccoon at half of its original attribute value.
Negative: This move can only be deployed once per round.


More game types coming soon!