1. A lone wolf’s howl is used to contact its pack

  2. Wolves howling together may be to denote territory.

  3. Wolves are part of the Canine (dog) Family

  4. Grey wolves are the most common throughout the world, however other variations do exist.

  5. Red wolves became extinct in 1980. Researchers were able to repopulate their habitats and a small number still exist (under 100)

  6. Wolves have been known to travel in packs of 10

  7. A single wolf can consume more than 20 lbs of meat per day. (that is like eating 80 hamburger patties)

  8. Young wolves stay in their parents pack for at least 2-3 Years.

  9. Wolves love to play with other members of their pack, through prancing, chasing, and “play-fighting”